The vision of the project is not limited to technical advice, but it is centred on importance of correct and sustainable competences and behaviours for human, environmental and food safety. In this context, the project based on sprayer machinery can be considered a fundamental step to the wider field of agricultural machinery safety.

With the IMPLEMENT project is to develop an interactive training platform for all users and manufacturers, especially farmers, agricultural engineers, agricultural consultants and trainers, including safe machine use, correct application, calibration, adjustment and maintenance and work safety. Within the scope of the project, pilot trainings will be organized with the produced materials to create volunteers for occupational health and safety in the use of plant protection machines.

The IMPLEMENT project is addressed to different target users:

  • Farmers and sprayer machinery operators
  • Students of the agricultural technical and vocational schools and of the faculties of agriculture
  • Technical assistance operators and persons responsible for prevention and protection service
  • Technicians in charge of functional controls of sprayer machinery
  • Sprayer machinery manufacturers.

The project starts from the lack of structured training platforms and interactive teaching materials to get adequate competences from a basic use and maintenance up to more detailed skills, based on the European Qualifications Framework, for farmers, students technicians and manufacturers, also to induce good practices, information and training on safe and sustainable use of sprayers.

That is why the IMPLEMENT project aims at providing an interactive and user friendly training platform contributing to the development of the European Area of Skills and Qualifications, high-quality work-based VET and implementation of EU VET tools, by valorising role and competencies of farmers, students, technicians and manufacturers.